Back to Plymouth we come!

Many of you have heard that we have lost our lease at Wendy's Office Suites as of the end of this May 2018, but fortunately we have already found a new location. We will be moving to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church of Plymouth's campus on the corner of Schmitt Lake Rd. (47th Ave N) and Northwest Blvd. They have graciously provided us with a large room with plenty of natural light and the restrooms are nearby and family friendly!

One of the nice things about our new location is that Plymouth is quite wide, and it's not that far away from where we have been for the last almost 5 years.

We feel so fortunate to have been at our current location where we have made so many special memories with those of you who have come and gone and those who have come and stayed! 

We are looking forward to making many more of those memories with you at our new location and perhaps reaching even more families as we will have much more exposure.